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Wire Brush Scrubber Machine
Industrial Vaccum Cleaner
Air Craft And Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner
Cold And Hot High Pressure Jet
Mechanical Sweeping Machine
Motorised Sweeping Machine
Ride On Sweeping Machine
Scrubber And Polishing Machine
Scrubber Cum Drier
Ride On Scrubber Machine
Glass Cleaning Tools
MOP Wringer Trolley
Housekeeping Tools
First Aid Box
Air Certain
Glow Sign Ages Board

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Housekeeping Tools
Housekeeping Tools

We offer comprehensive ranges of Housekeeping Tools that are available to clean all the hard surfaces in buildings – office cleaning, washroom cleaning, hotel room cleaning and odour control.  We manufacturer of the ranges of Housekeeping Tools offer you  with  color-coded to help staff training and supported by wall charts, so staff training is easy and cleaning is carried out quickly and effectively. Simple dispensers and dilution control systems ensure the correct dilution every time and guaranteed cost control.